Mendocino Humboldt Redwood Company, LLC
Key Policies

Landscape Planning

MRC uses landscape planning as a tool to estimate future harvest opportunities, model forest and habitat growth over time, and to insure management objectives are met. The landscape planning process allows MRC to address whether current and planned future operations will enable it to reach various goals.

HRC is currently in the process of reviewing and validating the inventory of trees and other forest resources on its lands, and will use this information as the foundation of a new long-term landscape plan that will be shared with the public before it is adopted.

The landscape planning process for MRC and HRC is based on sampling efforts throughout the forest. The data are collected on the ground and used to estimate the current condition of the forest (data collected from various stands in the forest are used to extrapolate conditions on the rest of the forestlands). The on-the-ground data are then input into a computer database, which simulates forest growth and yield and provides estimates on future conifer inventory, habitat conditions, and harvest opportunities. Inventory, growth, and harvest information is collected annually and are used to monitor MRC’s progress toward their management objectives. A thorough review of the inventory, growth, and harvest data will occur at the commencement of each new period, resulting in an updated forecast of inventory, growth, and harvest events. This will ensure that the management is on track to achieve its goal. A similar monitoring plan will be in place for HRC’s long-term harvest plan.

MRC has a current landscape plan and Option A document in place that governs ongoing harvest activities. Also, MRC and HRC both have maps of high conservation value areas which are provided additional protections under our landscape plans.


MRC’s landscape plan for conifer growth and harvest by 5-year Period*
5-Year Period Conifer Inventory Conifer Growth Conifer Harvest Harvest as a Percent of Growth Harvest as a Percent of Inventory (Annual)
2007-2010 2,740,722 515,344 246,413 48% 2.25%
2011-2015 3,009,652 540,355 344,437 64% 2.29%
2016-2020 3,205,570 567,561 417,485 74% 2.60%
2021-2025 3,355,647 589,286 478,520 81% 2.85%
2026-2030 3,466,413 619,386 395,354 64% 2.28%
2031-2035 3,690,445 654,847 377,177 58% 2.04%
2036-2040 3,968,114 688,044 454,555 66% 2.29%
2041-2045 4,201,603 719,902 488,163 68% 2.32%
2046-2050 4,433,341 724,882 555,939 77% 2.51%

*All inventory data are in net thousand board feet (Scribner short log), unless otherwise specified.