Mendocino Humboldt Redwood Company, LLC

In The News

MRC and HRC are in the news from time to time in a variety of media forms. In our effort to maintain accuracy and transparency we post many of these here along with responses when warranted. There is an enormous amount of information publicly available about our business and most of it is stored here. If you have any difficulty finding anything please send a note through the contact form here: Contact Form.

Also, we have a long standing policy of taking anyone anywhere on the property to see firsthand how we manage our forest. You may arrange a tour through the contact form here: Contact Form.

Finally, you are welcome to contact Bob Mertz, our chief executive, directly at 707-467-6685, with questions about the company.

Please follow us on Twitter: @MendoForestry and @GetRedwoo

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Date Companies Publication Article
11/18/2016 HRC Times Standard Timber Harvest Lawsuit Dismissed by Judge [ Read ]
11/14/2016 MRC Ukiah Daily Journal MRC Responds [ Read ]
11/4/2016 MRC Independent Coast Observer Pomo Acorn Festival Celebrated on Point Arena Mountaintop [ Read ]
10/10/2016 MRC. HRC Forest Stewardship Council Forest Stewardship Council Recognizes Forest Champions [ Read ]
10/6/2016 MRC. HRC MRC Press Release Mendocino and Humboldt Redwood Companies Nationally Recognized at GreenBuild 2016 [ Read ]
7/8/2016 MRC. HRC Press Democrat Mendocino County’s ‘hack and squirt’ ordinance to begin; enforcement unclear [ Read ]
7/6/2016 HRC Ukiah Daily Journal Sanctuary Forest scholarships awarded [ Read ]
5/24/2016 HRC Eureka Times-Standard Supes approve Elk River restoration grant [ Read ]
5/16/2016 MRC Ukiah Daily Journal “In our Opinion: Vote no on Measure V” and MRC response and comments [ Read ]
5/15/2016 MRC Ukiah Daily Journal Read the report [ Read ]
5/12/2016 MRC Ukiah Daily Journal Election forum in Ukiah: Measure V and Measure W [ Read ]
5/9/2016 MRC Ukiah Daily Journal with MRC response published here Campaign statements: MRC spent nearly $197,000 to oppose dead trees ballot measure and response by MRC [ Read ]
MRC The Press Democrat, with response published on MRC web page Mendocino County voters to decide on timber practices, Fort Bragg zoning issues and MRC’s response [ Read ]
5/5/2016 MRC Willits Weekly FPPC clears MRC of wrongdoing [ Read ]
MRC Willits Weekly Measure V forum [ Read ]
4/27/2016 MRC Ukiah Daily Journal MRC explains forest practices [ Read ]
4/21/2016 MRC Ukiah Daily Journal Time to Change Forest Practices [ Read ]
4/8/2016 HRC, MRC Fort-Bragg Advocate News Measure V: public safety vs forest health [ Read ]
3/30/2016 HRC HRC Press Release Humboldt Redwood Company Updates Various Initiatives [ Read ]
3/17/2016 MRC. HRC Times Standard MRC Responds to The Times Standard – Elk River Watershed Dispute [ Read ]