The New Generation Leans-in to the Timber Industry   


HUMBOLDT, CA – (March 22, 2018) Humboldt Redwood Company’s Millennial Marketing Team who reside in Santa Rosa, CA, traveled to Humboldt County two months ago to embark on a week-long project. The assignment entailed working with a photography and videography team to capture in-action shots of the company’s operations and employees proceeding with their daily tasks. “We want to build a database of pictures that capture all parts of the company. The database will provide pictures internally for presentations, social media posts, and for the brand-new websites we launched about a month ago. It’s a great thing to have on hand” says Amber, Marketing Manager of The Mendocino Companies.


From the mill to the forest, the marketing team and photography crew ventured to capture in-action shots of HRC employees completing their daily tasks with diligence.


One outing included traveling into the timberlands with several of the foresters where they demonstrated their daily procedures. “Being out in the forest with the whole team helped us understand the entire process and see first-hand how all parts contribute to the whole. I was excited to ask the foresters questions about their daily tasks and what they witness in the field,” says Stephanie, Digital Marketing Coordinator.


Forest Manager, Ben Hawk, was the marketing crew’s guide for the day. He gave assistance when the group traveled through the forest, teaching them ways to navigate the timberlands. He also pointed out a series of species and their contribution to the habitat. Hawk provided answers to the group’s questions about the processes of conducting a harvest, how to survey the land, the ways that the foresters work together, and other questions about their daily activities.

Hawk explained that there are foresters who conduct research in the daytime and in the night. “It’s important to conduct research at different times because certain species only appear at night.”

Curious about the logistics, Amber and Stephanie asked, “how the foresters know where to go and ways to not get lost?”


“You really just get to know the forest because we are out here all the time” Hawk.


Diving back from the timberlands the group witnessed a large herd of cattle roaming on the grassland area of HRC’s land. The cows were peaceful and just maintained eating grass. The cows walked around, and the team was curious where they came from. Hawk informed the group that a “local cattle farmer rents out part of the grasslands from HRC for the cows, which is why they were there.”


The week-long trip was a positive and informative experience for the team. Beyond capturing pictures for the database, the marketing group explained that it expanded their knowledge of the industry. They gained hands-on experience of all components within the company’s operations. “When people think of the timber industry, they don’t usually picture the foresters out in the field conducting research on the various habitats. The trip reminded me that there wouldn’t be a lumber industry without all of the parts that make up the whole: the foresters are a huge factor in the overall end-goal” says Amber. For the future, the team anticipates another trip to Humboldt County to conduct research for their next project, a museum which will showcase the history of the scotia sawmill.