April 15, 1999

Let's Work Together
Letter to Mendocino Beacon


I would like to first say, I am a fifth generation logger on the Mendocino Coast. My family first moved here in the 1870's. This letter is in response to Beth Bosk's letter in the Community Forum.

I live on Greenwood Ridge at the head of Barn Gulch. I don't see a problem with the harvest plan. It seems the Elk Water District has walked the plan and does not see one either. It also seems Beth Bosk has nothing better to do than cause problems where there are none. M.R.C. has not even been in business one year. What would you like them to do? It took 150 years to mess it up; you want them to fix it in less than a year!

They own a lot of land. Nobody can sit on it and make it pay for itself. You say Sandy Dean has never worked in the woods--well, when is the last time you set chokers?

We must work together not against each other. No one will win if we do not. We have more rules and regulations now than ever. It's really hard to work and live here when it seems all everyone does is fight. I love the town of Elk and I hope these issues do not divide the people of our community. So stay out of our town Beth, if all you want to do is rally a fight. We will try to work together with M.R.C. to protect our watershed, their land and ours. I hope you will all do the same.

John S. Ross, V


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