June 2, 1999

Letter to the editor
Ukiah Daily Journal

On trees

An open letter to John Fisher

Mendocino Redwood Company
One Maritime Plaza, 14th Floor
San Francisco, Calif., 94111

It's no small thing to be loved by a tree. I've heard dropping rain water long after storm has passed, sheltering the earth on which we live. I breathe the air they purify and am sheltered by coolness they provide this overheating planet.

I've watched the earth bleed and spew up debris along the coastline for days after a storm; the result of wreckless, heartless logging practices.

Yet, bottom lines count, stockholders expect dividends and geologists reports can be mercenary.

I join my friends and neighbors in Albion as they resist the avarice that would remove these guardians of providence so near the landslides in your harvest plans on J Road, and I encourage anyone whose ever been loved by a tree to do the same, for its no small thing.

M. Czeslaw

Fort Bragg

MRC's Response

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