Mendocino Redwood Co. responds to article

By Facsimile

July 6, 1999
Letters to the Editor
The San Francisco Chronicle

901 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter is not for publication, but rather to correct for the record two factual items from Glen Martin's story July 5th "Activists Hack Mendocino Logging Plans."

1. To our knowledge, we are the largest landowner in the State of California currently seeking FSC certification, and this was mistakenly stated as the country.

2. Our old growth policy is stated on our web site. For new harvest plans for 1999, we have been going beyond our policy by not harvesting individual trees that are 48 inches in diameter at breast height or larger, and 250 years old or older. Your story stated this as 48 inches in diameter or larger, or 250 years old or older.

We think that this story will be referenced in the future, and so correcting the electronic copy is important for future readers.


Sandy Dean

President, Mendocino Redwood Co., LLC

Article from The San Francisco Chronicle, dated July 5, 1999