February 26, 1999

Ms. Mary Bull
Mr. Robert Krebsbach

252/250 Frederick Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Dear Mary and Robert:

We have received and reviewed your fax of February 24th regarding the two timber harvest permits. Despite your comments, we continue to hear from an increasing number of experts that we are absolutely on the right track toward achieving the goals that you keep talking about - restoring and sustaining wildlife and diversity. We intend to continue managing our forestlands in a manner that will contribute to re-establishing, rehabilitating, and preserving these important forests.

With respect to the specific issues you raise with regard to THP 1-98-350 and THP 1-95-315, we will respond soon with appropriate facts and information.

The two of you continue to make the erroneous allegation that the Gap is somehow connected with operations at Mendocino Redwood Company. This is not the case, never has been the case, and never will be the case. We respect your right to campaign against any issue or organization you choose, but it would seem that your energies would be better focused on MRC where the decisions you care about are being made daily.

Litigation is a forum where facts dominate. If that's a forum you choose, we'll be there. All that said, it would seem far more productive from our perspective if we continue to talk with each other, endeavor to understand each other's point of view, and rely on expert opinions to manage, protect and preserve our forests and the various wildlife and species that our forests sustain.

We will continue to spend time in the forest with anyone who is interested in seeing what we are doing and asking questions about it; and remain as open, responsive, truthful, and helpful as we can possibly be.


Sandy Dean

P.S. Your letter of 2/24 and this letter, as well as our technical response to your questions, will be on our Web site soon.

More detailed response to Fax