October 17, 1998 Mr. Sandy Dean Mendocino Redwood Company, L.L. C. P.O. Box 390 Calpella, CA 95418 Dear Mr. Dean, Bill Stone, the Operations Manager for Mendocino Redwood Company called me on October 14, 1998 to interpret your timber harvest plan for Camp Creek, tributary to the North Fork, Navarro River (THP 1-98-193 MEN, 572 acres). It is our understanding from this conversation that two older logging roads will be reactivated, the new roads will be built to tie those roads together, that only the new road will be "upslope"; that two existing landings, one 15 feet within the Water and Lake Protection Zone (WLPZ) and the other 20 feet within the WLPZ will be reactivated and rocked. Mr. Stone said that these landing areas will be planted with trees when you "leave." He also said that probably you would be reentering the area within 15 years to cut again, and probably within 15 years after that. He said that "most likely" you would not go through the entire 572 acres, that it would be a light harvest of 1000-2000 board feet per acre and that hardwoods (25%) of an average size of 16" would be harvested. He also said that this area had been cut through perhaps four times in the past 100 years, but that there is full canopy throughout and that will be taking "scattered second growth conifers." This suggest that there may be pockets of late seral forests within this THP. Have you evaluated THP 1-98-193 MEN in view of your present policy concerning old growth redwoods as expressed on you website? Have you evaluated for late seral areas and wildlife habitat value? We would appreciate a written answer to these questions as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Dr. Hillary Adams President North Greenwood Community Association, Inc. Response from Sandy Dean