Letter to the editor

Anderson Valley Advertiser

July 11, 2012


Kudos to the Kalantarians for speaking up against the gross injustice of Mendocino Redwood Company’s hac and squirt program.

Curious how the Anderson Valley Fire Department, Rancho Navarro Fire Station and the Comptche Fire Department do not say one thing about the increased fire danger to our communities. In the event of a fire, will they send the volunteers into a hack and squirt fire?

How about the California Department of Forestry, the Fire Safe Council, the Comptche Fire Department? What do you say? Volunteers?

Kudos to Malcolm Macdonald. Mendocino Redwood Company as stewards of the land or sustainably approved is a crime. Just fly over Big River watershed to see the extent of the poisoning of our forests, watersheds and rivers. Whatever happened to concern for Sudden Oak Death disease? Mendocino Redwood Company is Sudden Oak Death.

Trespassingly yours,

Name withheld