Times-Standard                                                                                                                                                                       January 22, 2009

The Humboldt Redwood Co. is laying off about 30 workers and shutting its Scotia fencing operation for an indeterminate period.

CEO Richard Higgenbottom said he is meeting with employees today to announce the layoffs and other adjustments the company is making to deal with a severe downturn in the lumber market. The company took over the Pacific Lumber Co. in July after an 18-month bankruptcy, and reduced the workforce at the time, to about 250.

Higgenbottom said he will also be meeting with employees of sister company Mendocino Redwood Co. to discuss cost-saving measures there. Higgenbottom said that the companies are planning for the market to lag for as long as two years, with the hope that things will improve before then.

The California Redwood Co. this week also announced it was laying off 21 people from its Korbel mill.