The April 2012 issue of LBM Journal features the biggest-and-best-ever roundup of decking products including a variety of decking surface materials as well as fasteners and connectors, and railing and lighting products. This robust collection of the best decking materials available on the market today also includes our very own Humboldt Redwood decking. You may download a copy of the original LBM Journal - Decking Materials article to read it in its entirety. The section featuring Humboldt Redwood Decking is provided here as well. FSC® Certified Humboldt Redwood Decking Humboldt Redwood is a leading producer of sustainable, Forest Stewardship Council(FSC®) certified, redwood decking. FSC certification is regarded as one of the toughest standards for forestry management in the world, and the FSC product labeling system provides a credible link between responsible forest management and products containing wood. In terms of beauty, it can be tough to beat the warmth, color, and lasting character of Humboldt Redwood decking. And with shear strength that’s described as five times greater than plastic composite lumber, Humboldt Redwood decking will not split as easily as some other materials. The natural durability of Humboldt Redwood decking renders it resistant to insects and decay. Maintained properly, a Humboldt Redwood deck can last 25 years, after which it can be reused or recycled.