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This is not a corporate history, but a history of the land, especially the forestlands currently owned by MRC in Big River, Albion, Rockport, and other areas of Mendocino County. By necessity, however, it is also a history of the greater redwood region of Mendocino County. People, places, and events interconnect. The historian, like the scientist, is always searching for these connections to make sense of human experience. The "look" of the history website is deliberately different than the corporate MRC web site. It has a retro design. The black and white color scheme recalls the old black and white movies or perhaps the old photos in a dusty family album.

A history such as this one is open-ended. There will always be new areas for research, new stories to tell. In some cases, the links on the web site navigation bar are inactive. An active link will "light up" when the mouse cursor moves over it. We have left some inactive links in place to indicate lines of research that we will pursue in the near future. Embedded links in the stories are highlighted in blue.

All photos are used with the permission of the institutions or individuals holding the negatives. To optimize response time, we have compressed the photos. This makes them unsuitable for printing. Anyone wishing to copy or use the photos should contact the person or institution listed in the photo credits at the bottom of the web page.

For optimum viewing of this particular web site, set your screen resolution to 1280x1024.

We hope you will enjoy time-traveling with us and that you will share your own knowledge of local history to help us make this web site a true community resource.


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