106 Louisiana Pacific Logging Plans

(Last Revised October 2005)

When MRC took over from Louisiana Pacific (L-P) in June of 1998, there were 106 open THPs transferred to MRC. It is important to note that "open" plans per definition from the California Department of Forestry (CDF) include plans that may have completed harvesting operations, but not all the post-harvest obligations, such as planting, set forth in the California Forest Practice Rules. Of the 106 inherited THPs, harvesting in approximately 40 had been completed prior to the existence of MRC. During the last six months of 1998, MRC continued logging operations on 46 THPs written by L-P. In 1999, MRC logged on 24 L-P plans, and on 5 in 2000. Since early 1999, the L-P plans were changed to reflect MRC operating policies that include stronger protections for wildlife and fisheries habitats. All of these plans are now completed and restocked with young conifer trees.