Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) Reports

Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) Reports

MRC is in the process of developing a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP). Additional information about this process and current timeline can be found in the Policies section of this website under Habitat Conservation Planning.

Humboldt Redwood Company

HRC inherited a functioning Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) that went into effect in 1999. The HCP contains multiple measures for protecting and conserving wildlife and their habitat on the landscape. The protections consist of operating restrictions organized into Operating Conservation Plans for each “covered” species. These restrictions include a comprehensive road and hillslope conservation plan designed to reduce sediment inputs into streams to protect fish habitat. In addition to the operating restrictions, the HCP requires monitoring of forest and stream conditions to ensure that the conservation measures being implemented are accomplishing the desired outcomes. The results of this monitoring have been used to update the HCP through the process of “Adaptive Management.” We have completed Watershed Analysis and have stormproofed more than half of our road system. For a more detailed but still “user-friendly” description of the HCP Operating Conservation Plans, please see Chapter 2 of Humboldt Redwood Company’s Management Plan. The HCP requires that the results of surveys and monitoring specified in the Operating Conservation Plans be made availabe as reports.  Some are annual, and others are periodic monitoring work agreed upon between the company and the HCP Wildlife Agencies (US Fish & Wildlife Service, California Department of Fish and Game, and NOAA Fisheries). These reports include aquatic and hillslope monitoring, road stormproofing and road work planning, and terrestrial animal and plant surveys and monitoring. Humboldt Redwood Company's most recent HCP reports are available below. In some cases, to protect rare resources, maps or other specific information that discloses the location of rare plants and animals are referenced in the HCP reports, but are not made available on the web. For those who are interested in the full HCP document, please see HRC’s Habitat Conservation Plan below. This document has been updated with all changes except for the watershed-specific harvesting prescriptions.

Humboldt Redwood Company's Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP)

Current HCP Annual Reports


Aquatics/Hydrology See Monitoring Page

Rare Plants Annual Report 2013

Rare Plants Annual Report 2014

Rare Plants Annual Report 2015

Rare Plants Annual Report 2016

Rare Plants Annual Report 2017

Rare Plants Annual Report 2018

Rare Plants Annual Report 2019

Rare Plants Annual Report 2020

Rare Plants Annual Report 2021

Rare Plants Annual Report 2022


2013 Annual Road Plan Summary

2014 Annual Road Plan Summary

2015 Annual Road Plan Summary

2016 Annual Road Plan Summary

2017 Annual Road Plan Summary

2018 Annual Road Plan Summary

2019 Annual Road Plan Summary

2020 Annual Road Plan Summary

2021 Annual Road Plan Summary

2022 Annual Road Plan Summary


*Non-Northern Spotted Owl (NSO)

2013 Amphibian Reptile Report

2014 Amphibian Reptile Report

2015 Amphibian Reptile Report

2016 Amphibian Reptile Report

2017 Amphibian Reptile Report

2018 Amphibian Reptile Report

2019 Amphibian Reptile Report

2020 Amphibian Reptile Report

2021 Amphibian Reptile Report

2022 Amphibian Reptile Report

2023 Amphibian Reptile Report

2013 Bald Eagle Report

2014 Bald Eagle Report

2015 Bald Eagle Report

2016 Bald Eagle Report

2017 Bald Eagle Report

2018 Bald Eagle Report

2019 Bald Eagle Report

2020 Bald Eagle Report

2021 Bald Eagle Report

2022 Bald Eagle Report

2023 Bald Eagle Report

2013 Bank Swallow Report

2014 Bank Swallow Report

2015 Bank Swallow Report

2016 Bank Swallow Report

2017 Bank Swallow Report

2018 Bank Swallow Report

2019 Bank Swallow Report

2020 Bank Swallow Report

2021 Bank Swallow Report

2022 Bank Swallow Report

2023 Bank Swallow Report

2013 Marbled Murrelet Report

2014 Marbled Murrelet Report

2015 Marbled Murrelet Report

2016 Marbled Murrelet Report

2017 Marbled Murrelet Report

2018 Marbled Murrelet Report

2019 Marbled Murrelet Report

2020 Marbled Murrelet Report

2021 Marbled Murrelet Report

2022 Marbled Murrelet Report

2023 Marbled Murrelet Report

2013 Pacific Fisher Report

2014 Pacific Fisher Report

2015 Pacific Fisher Report

2016 Pacific Fisher Report

2017 Pacific Fisher Report

2018 Pacific Fisher Report

2019 Pacific Fisher Report

2020 Pacific Fisher Report

2021 Pacific Fisher Report

2022 Pacific Fisher Report

2023 Pacific Fisher Report

2013 Peregrine Falcon Report

2014 Peregrine Falcon Report

2015 Peregrine Falcon Report

2016 Peregrine Falcon Report

2017 Peregrine Falcon Report

2018 Peregrine Falcon Report

2019 Peregrine Falcon Report

2020 Peregrine Falcon Report

2021 Peregrine Falcon Report

2022 Peregrine Falcon Report

2023 Peregrine Falcon Report

2013 Snowy Plover Report

2014 Snowy Plover Report

2015 Snowy Plover Report

2016 Snowy Plover Report

2017 Snowy Plover Report

2018 Snowy Plover Report

2019 Snowy Plover Report

2020 Snowy Plover Report

2021 Snowy Plover Report

2022 Snowy Plover Report

2023 Snowy Plover Report

2013 Sonoma Tree Vole Report

2014 Sonoma Tree Vole Report

2015 Sonoma Tree Vole Report

2016 Sonoma Tree Vole Report

2017 Sonoma Tree Vole Report

2018 Sonoma Tree Vole Report

2019 Sonoma Tree Vole Report

2020 Sonoma Tree Vole Report

2021 Sonoma Tree Vole Report

2022 Sonoma Tree Vole Report

2023 Sonoma Tree Vole Report

Northern Spotted Owl (NSO)

2013 Northern Spotted Owl Report

2014 Northern Spotted Owl Report

2015 Northern Spotted Owl Report

2016 Northern Spotted Owl Report

2017 Northern Spotted Owl Report

2018 Northern Spotted Owl Report

2019 Northern Spotted Owl Report

2020 Northern Spotted Owl Report

2021 Northern Spotted Owl Report

Appendix A: NSO Site Selection Summary 2021

Appendix B: Area of Acres of Timber Harvest Plans (THP's) within NSO Habitat 0.7 and 1.3 mile 2021

Appendix C: Acres of Suitable NSO Habitat within 0.7 and 1.3 mile Assessment Areas of Level One AC's 2021

Appendix D: NSO Site with no Daytime Contact that were Retained 2021

Appendix E Detection Info for Sites with no Daytime Contact that were Retained 2021

Appendix F: NSO Sites that met the Criteria for Removal but were Retained 2021

Appendix G Station Data for NSO Sites that met the Criteria for Removal but were Retained 2021

Appendix H: Status Visit Resights 2021

Appendix I Banded NSOs 2021

Appendix J: NSO Night Surveys 2021

Appendix K: NSO Status and Follow Ups 2021

Appendix L: Spotted Owl and Barred Owl Contacts across the Ownership 2021

Appendix M: NSO Summary of THP Night Surveys 2021

Map 1: HCP Owl Sites and Stations 2021

Map 2: Barred Owl Detections 2021

Map 3: HCP Owl Sites and NRF 2021

NSO Activity Center Location Data for DFW Database 2021

2022 Northern Spotted Owl Report

Appendix A: NSO Site Selection Summary 2022

Appendix B: Acres of THPs Within NSO Habitat Assessment Areas 2022

Appendix C: Suitable NSO Habitat 2022

Appendix D: NSO Sites with No Daytime Contact Retained 2022

Appendix E: Night Survey Detection Data for Sites with No Daytime Contact 2022

Appendix F: NSO Sites That Met the Criteria for Removal but were Retained 2022

Appendix G: Night Survey Information for Potential Dropped Sites that were Retained 2022

Appendix H: Status Visit Resights 2022

Appendix I: Banded NSOs 2022

Appendix J: NSO Night Surveys 2022

Appendix K: NSO Status and Follow Ups 2022

Appendix L: Summary of Follow Ups to all NSO Night Detections for Breeding Season 2022

Appendix M: Summary of THP, Continuous Ops, Site Prep Surveys 2022

Map 1: HCP Owl Sites and Stations 2022

Map 2: Barred Owl Detections 2022

Map 3: HCP Owl Sites and NRF 2022

NSO Activity Center Location Data for DFW Database 2022

2023 Northern Spotted Owl Report