Adopt a Highway

(Last Updated September 2006)

Without the ongoing support of many volunteer groups, the highway system in California would be buried in litter. Mendocino Redwood Company, LLC, adopted a three-mile stretch of Highway 128 in Navarro in 2000. Since MRC began doing regular litter walks, we have picked up over 4,000 pounds of trash from the roadside. In April 2004, MRC received the volunteer of the year recognition from CalTrans District 1. Each year, CalTrans District 1 picks three or four volunteer groups from the 253 participating groups to be recognized for their exemplary dedication to the program. We are proud to have earned the volunteer of the year award, and will continue to support the adopt-a-highway program. The MRC employees who participate appreciate the commitment MRC has shown by providing their employees the time during their regular work day to head out on Highway 128 and pick up trash. This not only helps to keep the entrance to our Navarro facility clean, but improves the appearance of a popular scenic drive that thousands of people take to the beautiful Mendocino Coast every day. We hope that seeing a clean stretch of highway inspires people to put trash in the right place--not out the window.

If you would like to learn more about the adopt-a-highway program, visit the CalTrans website