Annual Harvest Level at MRC

(Last Revised October 2005)

MRC's annual harvest level is determined with the following specific restoration and stewardship goals:

  • Conifer Inventory will Double in 50 Years
  • Conifer Growth will Exceed Harvest in all Periods
  • Hardwood Inventory will Decline in Relative Dominance
  • Forest Structure will Trend Toward Bigger, Denser Conifer Forests
  • Harvest Flow will be smooth
  • Silviculture will Meet Forest Stewardship Council Standards

MRC's harvest levels will vary over time depending on the factors involved in meeting these targets as well as the economics of the forest industry. MRC initially reduced the harvest level to 40 MMbf per year, a 30% reduction over the long term harvest plans of the prior owner (60 MMbf). In 2001, the harvest rate was further reduced to 31.5 MMbf. Our current harvest rate represents 1/3 of the growth rate on MRC forestlands for the year or 1.5% of the total inventory of "commercial-sized" conifer trees. MRC expects the inventory of trees on its lands will double in less than 50 years. Annual harvest rates on MRC forestlands are available from the California Department of Forestry (CDF) at their Sacramento office.