Liquidation Logging an Allegation

(Last Revised October 2005)

MRC policies are intended to substantially improve the health of the forests and the standing inventory of trees over time. One measure of this is the average inventory of trees per acre. Since MRC is harvesting significantly less than the growth of its forest, MRC's lands will evolve into a better-stocked forest over time. MRC initially reduced the harvest level to 40 MMbf per year, a 30% reduction over the long term harvest plans of the prior owner (60 MMbf). In 2001, the harvest rate was further reduced to 31.5 MMbf. Our current harvest rate represents 1/3 of the growth rate on MRC forestlands for the year or 1.5% of the total inventory of "commercial-sized" conifer trees. MRC expects the inventory of trees on its lands will double in less than 50 years. Annual harvest rates on MRC forestlands are available from the California Department of Forestry (CDF) at their Sacramento office.