Sustained Yield Plan

(Last Revised 8/6/2002)

The Sustained Yield Plan (SYP) was developed by Louisiana-Pacific (L-P), several years before MRC took over management of the property. The SYP was submitted to the State of California for review, but was never approved. When MRC began to manage the property, it became clear that the SYP, which has some very good information in it, could not be realistically applied. Many local activists urged us to abandon the Louisiana Pacific Sustained Yield Plan (SYP), and early on we committed that we would provide a long term plan that was easier to understand and reflected a lower rate of harvest. As such, MRC worked towards developing a state-recognized alternative to the SYP, called an Option A. The Option A is a long-term harvest plan for our property. This document explains the forest retention guidelines for every silviculture we use, and shows that using them will grow the forest to double our standing timber volume by 2050. Our long term planning has expanded to include a management plan, a landscape planning approach that includes watershed analysis and habitat conservation goals for wildlife.