Winter Harvesting

(Last Updated October 2005)

In general, MRC will avoid winter operations when there is risk of sediment movement and road damage. Sediment movement and road damage may occur when hauling logs across wet road surfaces during periods of precipitation. Through the THP process, MRC, along with various government agencies, established significant limitations and precautions for any winter harvesting activity.

Here are the guidelines MRC uses for considering any winter activities:

  • Cable yarding on rocked landings may be conducted if sediment movement can be avoided.
  • Loading and hauling on rocked roads and landings will not be conducted during periods of rainfall or when roadside ditches are flowing with surface runoff, or when roads are saturated and cannot support the heavy loads. At first sign of measurable rain, trucks in the woods will make their final trip out and trucks not yet in the woods will be asked to return home for the day.
  • Operations during extended periods of dry weather (prior to two inches of seasonal rainfall) might include tractor logging and hauling on non rocked roads.
  • Falling operation are acceptable if precautions are taken to protect against road damage and falling in the WLPZ's is precluded.