(September 20, 2021) The Mendocino Family of Companies have been long-time supporters of 4H programs in the communities where we have operations. This year, company representatives attended 11 county fairs to support 4H students, purchasing a range of livestock including turkeys, pigs, rabbits and lambs, and spending $5,000 per county fair. Students share many details about their animals including how much time they spent, how often they had to feed the animal, when they got the animal, and usually and in depth process analysis of the washing out their pen and their grooming procedures.  Here are few highlights from our donations!

Ron McCutcheon, Director, Quality Assurance, attended the Lake County Fair in northern California, and purchased a turkey from Abby. Abby sent us a super sweet thank you letter, glad we could support your efforts Abby and wishing you the best with your future plans after high school! The turkey was donated to Plowshares Peace & Justice Center who operates a Community Dining Room and Meals-on-Wheels program in Ukiah, CA.

Abby with her turkey.

Director of Forest Sciences, Sal Chinnici, and Scotia Sawmill Supervisor, Jesse Franks, attended the Humboldt County Fair Junior Livestock Auction, also in northern California.

They were able to purchase a lamb that was shown by Grace (daughter of our employee, Ty Macy), and a pig that was shown by Jaeden (son of Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy Taylor). During the auction they spoke with Brooks, grandson of retired employee Jim Barsanti. Since his pig did not make weight and couldn’t be in the auction, he was looking for a buyer. So, the company purchased his pig too. We wish all of the students a bright and successfull future and thank them for all their hard work and dedication to the program!

Large animals were donated back to the 4H and FFA to support their programming.

Grace with their lamb.

Jesse Franks with Grace and the lamb. 

Jaeden with their pig.

Jaden and his pig.

Brooks with his pig.

Brooks and his pig.

To find out more information about the 4H or FFA programs or to make a donation, please visit the national 4H website to find a chapter nearest you at https://4-h.org/ or the FFA website at https://www.ffa.org/.