To: The Fishers c/o Sandy Dean

fax (707) 485-7918
Re: THP 1-98-350
MEN, 1-95-315 MEN

From: Mary Bull, Robert Krebsbach

Pages: 1 (including this one)
Date: February 24, 1999

Cover Message:

Fishers and Sandy Dean:

THP 1-98-350 MEN (Kaisen Gulch) and THP 1-95-315 MEN (Barn) Gulch each contain one of the few dwindling stands of old growth and mature second-growth redwood trees in the entire county, and are desperately needed to sustain wildlife and biodiversity !!!

Further, one third of the creek in 315 is misclassified--it is in fact, a spawning ground for the coho and steelhead, and should be changed from Class 2 to Class 1! Given that 90% of the streams on MRC lands are no longer fish bearing, we must do all we can to preserve and protect those few streams that are!!! There is also a serious landslide potential and water quality issues, impacting a town water district in this plan!

But since these pleas fall on deaf ears. Since decency, compassion, humanism, the death of a species, the end of biodiversity, the extinguishing of an entire ecosystem--all mean nothing to you! Our only recourse is to escalate the boycott and threaten you with lawsuits! So, here goes:

If you want anyone to shop at the Gap again, stop logging old growth! Otherwise, be prepared to go the way of Levi's--and worse: a Natural Resources Damages Act lawsuit! From now on, I will not leave my house without carry a "Boycott the Gap" placard or wearing a similar sweatshirt. THIS CAMPAIGN IS ESCALATING! COUNT ON IT! After you've taken out the last big tree and sold the last piece of real estate, the BOYCOTT CAMPAIGN WILL CONTINUE and, if there is justice, YOU WILL BE PAYING DAMAGES!

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