November 19, 2003

Letter to the Editor
Anderson Valley Advertiser
Booneville CA, 95415

Subject: Greenwood Creek Watershed
Improvement Monitoring Project (WIMPS)


Announcing the formation of a group of stakeholders and interested parties in the Greenwood Creek Watershed (GCW) hereinafter referred to as Greenwood Creek WIMPS (Watershed Improvement Monitoring Project).

The purpose of WIMPS is to work with and nurture the health of the GCW through cooperative and individual actions, to influence those active in the GCW whose actions may have an effect on water quality and the general health of the GCW.

WIMPS intends to work constructively with the Mendocino Redwood Company, Redwood Coast Watershed Alliance, Greenwood Watershed Association, Elk County Water District, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board, and all other stakeholders to insure that agriculture, housing development and timber harvesting will be conducted in the best possible manner.

Our focus will be on the ground.

This group will primarily function as a network. There will be a minimum emphasis on meetings. All meetings will be facilitated and lubricated (as appropriate).

We got LTOs, RPFs, ranchers, farmers, old-timers and hill muffins (as you put it), business persons, contractors... it should be interesting.

Name Withheld
(I'll send you our members' names under separate cover.)