October 22, 1998 Ukiah Daily Journal A Poem To the Editor: Ode to the Mendocino Redwood Company You have the chance, MRC to close the GAP between you and we You'll get the support of our communities if you spare the big, old growth trees And stop the clear-cuts, if you please And don't poison our fish or progenies Don't squint down at the bottom line Look for a sustainable design Raise your sights to the canopy 'cause that's where our future will be it may cost more to log this way but think of the lawyers you won't have to pay and you won't need a costly PR ad to say what you're doing isn't so bad Listen to us, Mr. Sandy Dean Does it take a "Gypsy" to know what I mean? Bruce Hering Boonville Link to Mendocino Redwood Company's Response