Dear Readers,

There is now an online petition asking Mendocino Redwood Company to stop saturating Mendocino County with deadly herbicides. In just a few days this petition has gathered hundreds of signatures. Please add your name to the list:

Elaine & Mike Kalantarian


PS: Some of the signing statements people have made—

• “Please stop this spraying. My son was born with Infant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia after our water was contaminated by Imazapyr. He underwent full body irradiation and high dose chemo, then a bone marrow transplant. He lived most of his first 4 years in isolation @ Oakland Childrens and UCSF Childrens hospitals. He was given odds of less than 5% of survival, amazingly he did indeed survive, but will live with the effects of your spraying his entire life. He is deaf because of the treatments, has endocrine problems and life long issues he will have to deal with. He has survived your chemical warfare against him. Sadly many do not. Is it really worth it? Not one bit.” — JS, Fort Bragg

• “Please stop using toxins to kill trees in our county. I will never again purchase items from Gap and Piperlime until I hear that you have ceased using deadly herbicides in Mendocino County. We are residents who want a clean environment for our children.” — AW, Ukiah

• “Killing off something that does not make $$$ for the Fisher family, but is destructive to human and animal life should be banned not only in Mendocino County, but everywhere. How dare they pollute our county for their profit. Makes me screaming angry. Where do the Fishers live? Would they do this around their home? Would they allow their poison in their ground water? Out, out, damn spot. Away with you and your herbicide.” — JW, Redwood Valley

• “The Mendocino Redwood Company owns land that attaches to my property. I don’t want them spreading Imazapyr which is a poison near my land. It could leach into the watershed and poison my water. There is no logical reason to poison oak trees. We need them for firewood. Let people sell them for firewood, not kill them then leave them for fire tinder.” — KG, Comptche

• “This is my home. Seeing dead trees all over the hillside makes us all sick! The Fisher family has done SO much damage to our beautiful environment. STOP THE POISONING OF TREES, WATER AND WORKERS!” — TN, Ukiah

• “I have watched our forests decline for the past 30 years. MRC touts itself as a righteous model of sustainable forestry yet poisons their forest and by extension the local environment with herbicide. SHAMEFUL!” — VO, Redcrest

• “One company does not have the right to pollute the environment, for their own monetary gain. With all the evidence of the adverse health effects to humans and animals, this chemical should be banned as it is in Europe.” — SN, San Francisco

• “Stop poisoning our planet. People still live here.” — TM, Massachusetts

• “Disgusting practice. I hope all retail customers are made aware of the fact that Baby Gap owners are intentionally poisoning the environment because it’s more convenient for them. EVIL EVIL EVIL” — MH, Colorado

• “Genocide of trees because they are not the right species!? Poisoning land and creatures and endangering our health for profit, shame on you!” — LV, Quebec

• “Big business is destroying life on our planet.” — NG, North Carolina

• “This sort of ecocidal insanity must stop. If that means exposing MRC & the Fishers and boycotting them, then those are logical first steps.” — PH, Alabama