by on Dec 11th, 2012

"THE BOARD,” Hamburg said, “also heard Mendocino Redwood Company’s presentation regarding the merits of their 80 year Habitat Conservation Plan. This plan has been in the works for 10 years and we are now within the window of an 88-day comment period. Meetings will be held tonight in Ukiah (Fairgrounds) and tomorrow night in Fort Bragg (CV Starr Center) regarding the Plan. Only one person, Mike Kalantarian of Rancho Navarro, spoke on the plan, stating his concerns about the company’s heavy use of herbicides in their “hack and squirt” approach to eliminating tan oaks. Rixanne Wehren and Kathy Bailey weighed in to me with their concerns regarding the short period for public input, and the restrictions on public comment on THPs for the duration of the Plan (i.e., if approved, 80 YEARS). Background information on the HCP is available on the BOS website.”