Humboldt Redwood Company has completed the purchase of Walsh Timber Company. Combined with Mendocino Redwood Company’s purchase of Soper-Wheeler property at the end of 2021, we have added significantly to our timberland and future harvest volume.

For decades, the families behind Soper and Walsh committed to managing the land for the long-term. They succeeded growing bigger and better trees while continuing to harvest at a steady rate.

We aspire to similar success on our timberland. We set out to grow bigger trees and increase the inventory of these trees which are so important to our ability to make premium products. Bigger and better timber is the best way to accomplish our objective of operating a successful business while holding a high environmental standard.

The Soper and Walsh families are examples of what is possible with long-term commitment. We are grateful for their trust in our stewardship of their family legacy and to our investors faith in our business to fund these purchases. These transactions are important for our company’s future.